Operation Home Goods


MVHO's supportive housing tenants are mostly single adults who have successfully moved from homelessness into housing, but who continue to struggle with disabilities, unemployment, and other challenges as they work to find stability and improve their lives. Some have such low income levels that it is difficult for them to afford the most fundamental items needed for cleaning, cooking or maintaining basic hygiene in their households.

To help meet this need, MVHO has started a program called Operation Home Goods, designed to assemble donations of essential kitchen and bathroom items into convenient "kits." Providing these kits at no cost to those in need helps them stretch their budgets and maintain healthy living conditions.

Donations can be in the form of complete kits, individual components, or financial support. Some items can be accepted in "gently used" condition, but others, marked here with an asterisk (*) must be in new/unopened condition for safety and sanitary reasons.

KITCHEN KIT: Dish towels, antibacterial dish soap*, pans, baking sheets, antibacterial cleaners*, plates/bowls/cups, silverware, brooms/dustpans, mops/buckets, pot holders, and sponges*

BATHROOM KIT: Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, bath mat, bar soap*, toilet paper*, clothes baskets, toothbrushes*, toothpaste*, shampoo*/conditioner*, bathroom cleaners*, toilet brush*

Donations from individuals and families are welcome, and MVHO has also begun working with area businesses and organizations to coordinate donation drives at their locations.

Those interested in donating to Operation Home Goods should contact MVHO's Asset & Quality Control Manager, Karen Nieport, at (937) 263-4449 ext. 413 or at knieport@mvho.net.