Private Landlords


A variety of private landlords in Montgomery County accept rental subsidies from the Shelter Plus Care (S+C) program. MVHO is currently working with approximately 160 landlords who represent a total of 323 rental units. This allows us to serve S+C clients in Dayton, Kettering, New Lebanon, Clayton, Englewood, Trotwood, Oakwood, Vandalia and various other area communities.

Once a client has applied and been accepted into the S+C program, the client is free to choose any landlord within Montgomery County who participates in the program and has a unit available. If an application fee is required by a particular landlord, the S+C client is responsible for paying this fee.

Any landlord who is interested in participating in the S+C Program will be considered. Apartments must meet federal guidelines for the program, including housing quality standards and rent reasonableness. For more information about becoming a Shelter Plus Care landlord, please contact MVHO's Rental Assistance Director, Pam Hinders, at (937) 263-4449 ext. 408.